NaNoWriMo 2010

Well, I didn’t originally plan on doing NaNo until next year, what with going for a Master’s degree.

But then I got to thinking:
There are members out there with full-time jobs, full-time families, full-time classes–certainly not like the couple of hours a day I have to deal with.
If they can do NaNo, why can’t I? It’s not like I have less spare time than them…even though I like complaining that I do.

Anyway, my NaNo for this year is “Wandering One,” a story that’s been rattling around in my head for some time but had never been written until now.
The basic idea began as a fanfic, which will never see the light of day. Then I began to add elements from another fanfic, and started changing things around until I made an original story of it.

The gist of the story is that Nicole Winters has traveled her entire life, to the point that she not only takes sudden uprooting in stride, she actually enjoys it.
The more extreme the change, the better.
Like me, she is a fantasy author and photographer. Unlike me, she actually has a considerable amount of experience at both, and makes a decent living at it. Decent enough that she can travel wherever she wants, whenever she wants.
She conducts research on shrines while taking a motorcycle tour in Japan, and is advised to visit a certain shrine, where she meets a Kitsune…though she does not know what he is just yet.
And from her meeting with the Kitsune, she begins traveling to other worlds, other dimensions.

Only, it seems that someone doesn’t like her wandering around….

I originally had two excerpts up here.
Those have since been taken down (I’m reorganizing my site/blog, and I plan to create a new one that’s more fixated on the fiction).
However, if you visit my deviantArt account, you can see a new draft of one of those excerpts.

Most of my posts this month will be limited to tracking my NaNo word count progress.

When the novel is done and edited, I may comb through the story and begin posting it in pieces on the blog…as if the blog were written from Nicole’s point of view. Which naturally means creating yet another blog for the purpose. 😉

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