WordPress wishlist

First item on the list: combining similar tags.

No, I don’t mean to simply merge tags in your blog, and use less tags overall.
I mean to combine global tags, in the event that I and John Doe from down the road write about the same topics, but don’t spell our tags in quite the same way.

One issue, which I expect is the easiest to fix, is case sensitivity.
If, for instance, I write a post about deviantArt, and tag it accordingly, but John Doe tags his posts deviantart, and his sister Jane tags her posts Deviantart, can someone exploring that topic find posts from all three of us grouped together?
Supposedly tags are not case sensitive, so this one should not be an issue. I haven’t tested it yet, though.

Another is spelling variations, such as singular versus plural.
“book” versus “books” for instance. Or “wish list” versus “wishlist”.
Programming complexity aside (I majored in computer science; I imagine that fixing this would be very complex), is there any reason, from the person’s point of view, that these should be counted separately?

Or abbreviations: NNWM versus NaNoWriMo versus National Novel Writing Month.
And can someone tell me why, in every post I’ve written about these, the recommended tags includes some mention of the Big East Women’s Basketball Tournament? I don’t watch basketball, so I don’t know enough about it. I honestly can’t imagine any connection.

Or still others.
“Photography” versus “Photography 2,” which I can only assume was automated (like if you have a tag and a category with the same name).
“Published” versus “Publishing”
“News” versus “Latest news” (maybe… the “latest” might make it distinct enough)
For the gamers, “StreetPass” versus “Street Pass” or “3DS” versus “Nintendo 3DS”
And so on.

But only if the words themselves are related enough. “Fantasy” would still be a separate tag from “fiction,” which would be separate from “science fiction,” for instance.

Most of these, I imagine, would require some database to identify related tags, and have the users (or admins) going through a little at a time and adding them in.
But once such a database is done up, anyone using one particular tag could be automatically included in any searches for the other tag(s). This would allow us to keep the number of tags per post down while still being included in all relevant searches.

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