28th Annual Midnight Ride

Welcome all, motorcycle riders or no, to the Midnight Ride. A motorcycle ride, rally, and–if you choose to contribute–fundraiser, all rolled into one.
The ride traditionally occurs Friday night, with the rally following up throughout the day on Saturday, the third weekend in August. This year, that means August 15th and 16th.

The Midnight Ride officially began in 1986 by the GoldWing Road Riders Assocation of Michigan, Chapter G in Grand Rapids. That’d be in the United States, for anyone who does a lot of international travel. ;)
It started with 17 bikers who decided to make the trip from Grand Rapids to the Mackinack Bridge one night in August. That first year, the trip finished with 57 riders, and the number has grown over the years to several thousand participants. Continue reading

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Book Review: The Disappeared by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

The Disappeared, a Retrieval Artist novel by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
An entertaining blend of science fiction, mystery, and police drama about people on the run from the law, and the police who have to decide between upholding that law and their own moral judgement.

Before I begin this review, let me point that I do have a certain, hmm… prior bias, merely to provide my readers an opportunity to take that bias into account.

While I do enjoy the occasional science fiction novel, I tend to prefer fantasy. Also, the element of crime and mystery present in The Disappeared puts its genre so far outside of my usual reading material that, had I not encountered it via one of Storybundle’s story… er, bundles, I might never have heard of it, and I definitely would never have read it.
And that oversight on my part does the book a serious injustice. Having read this book, I eagerly look forward to continuing the series.

There is another bias, of sorts, but I’ll get to that later. On to the review!

The Earth Alliance has joined together many alien cultures, many strange customs. Among these are the customs of law.

Continue reading

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Social Networking Auto-Sync Test

For a little while now, thanks to some weird set-up in my synced apps, I’ve found that posting something from WordPress to Facebook and Twitter results in no less than three Twitter posts for the same “article” (one from WordPress and one each from my FaceBook profile and page), and two on, usually, the FaceBook page (one from WordPress and one from Twitter).

Whether I get any duplicates on the FaceBook profile seems a bit… sporadic, but it doesn’t seem to happen often.

I have now adjusted my Twitter settings…againContinue reading

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Dreaming of Doctor Who Times 2

With a… considerably more disturbing “plot” than the last one.

A couple of days ago, my dad and I were watching my Doctor Who DVDs. Specifically, he’d gotten as far as the Shakespeare episode, complete with the Carrionites and their dolls… ‘scuse me, their DNA replication modules.
Later that night, I had a weird dream.
I place part of the blame on that episode, because the dolls played a major role in this dream. The rest of the blame goes to the fact that I just plain have weird dreams, so take the content with a grain of salt, okay?

In this dream, someone Continue reading

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New Site for Doctor Who fanfics

So new it doesn’t have any content yet. ;)
I’m working on it a little, during the occasional break from my paid work, the plot bunny infestation, and whatever else my folks think I should be doing instead, but allow me to explain.

The site: Whovian Crossover Cameos
The tagline: An eclectic collection of Doctor Who crossover fics, focusing on non-Who cameos by Who actors. Mistaken identities abound!

My new site was created specifically to feature Doctor Who (and spin-off) crossover fanfics that feature other characters the Who actors have played. Continue reading

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Dreaming of Doctor Who

Quite literally. ;) I dreamed this up, or parts of it, last night.
It’s not very story-ish, I’m afraid. I attempted to edit it into some semblance of coherence, but I didn’t make much of an attempt to plot it out (yet). Pretty much all I’ve got is what I’d typed up in that early-morning rush to remember details.
I guess that makes this somewhere between notes on that dream and a “stream of consciousness” variety of journal entry.

I’ve begun writing it out as a story; the first “chapter,” told from my dream-self’s perspective, can be found on deviantArt and fanfiction.net
I’ll get more chapters up from other characters’ perspectives soon enough… I hope.

Anyway, features the Tenth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith as portrayed by David Tennant and Elizabeth Sladen.
Why them? And where are Rose and Mickey (and any of Ten’s other companions)? Who knows.

Continue reading

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Doctor Who and locks

Not so much “headcanon” this time as it is a question to fellow Whovians.
Although the issue does come up in my fics, it’s something of a mentioned-in-passing, in a scene whose sole purpose is to tie my fics to the TV show and indicate when they take place in the Doctor’s timeline. And I’m curious what other people would make of the idea.

Anyway, we all know there’s certain types of locks that the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver won’t let him break. Continue reading

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Testing YouTube Videos

This is a test of the video embedding system. This is only a test… and whatever else follows. ;)

Anyway, this post serves something like three purposes:
Try out the system for embedding YouTube videos onto WordPress posts
Find out for certain if ads from ad-enabled YouTube videos show up here (on account of advertising being verboten on here, I want to be sure whether or not I should turn those off on the YouTube account I get too far into the embedding idea)
And provided item number 2 is not a problem, the third purpose, given the particular video I’m testing with, is to find out if anyone’s had a technical problem similar to mine, and hope that someone will chime in with a solution.

First the video Continue reading

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Six Degrees of Changing the Subject

Also known as changing the subject without actually changing the subject.

Not too long ago, my mother and I were conversing about… various things.
Somewhere along the lines we got to talking about words that are considered offensive for one reason or another, in spite of them not actually meaning anything offensive (in which I frequently referred to things from my “profanity filter” post, particularly the weird quirk I encountered in one of the Dream Eaters from Kingdom Hearts). Continue reading

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All I got for Christmas

was my two front teeth, my two front teeth, yeah my two front teeth!


For Christmas 2013, I got:

a drawing set/box (I was really only interested in the box as a hard surface to draw on that also allows me to fit my pencils and such in… but the price was good and it included a bunch of pencils and such)

IMG_0787 IMG_0788

I have a silly question for any artists out there. What is  “tortillon,” and why does a drawing set come with sandpaper sheets?

Spies of Warsaw DVD Continue reading

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